Eye Disease and treatment

Cataract Surgery


Cataracts cause progressive blurry vision and glare problems.  Our doctor's primary surgical focus is cataract surgery, including toric lens implants to treat astigmatism as well as multifocal intraocular lens implants.  Our office has the newest and most up-to-date technology for optimized surgical results.

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Dry Eyes


Chronic dry eyes and eye irritation can significantly affect your quality of life.  Our physicians can diagnose and treat common causes of dry eyes and irritation.

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Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in the U.S., and does not cause symptoms in the early stages.  A regular eye exam can screen for high eye pressure and optic nerve damage.  Our physicians offer both medical and laser treatments for glaucoma. 

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Diabetic Eye Disease


Every patient that is being treated for diabetes needs a regular eye exam to screen for diabetic retinal disease.  Diabetes can cause changes in the blood vessels in the eye and bleeding into the eye, which can result in vision loss.

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Macular Degeneration


Macular degeneration is a common eye disease in older individuals that causes progressive loss of central vision.  Our doctors can treat both the dry and wet types of macular degeneration, including intraocular injections.

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Glasses and Contact Lenses


In addition to treating common eye diseases, our office also provides routine eye care including glasses and contact lens.  Your medical insurance may not cover these services, however.  

We offer reasonable prices for these vision services when not covered by medical insurance.